Holiday Home at Puri

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Holiday home at Puri
In modern world where every one is extremely busy, it becomes a herculean task to decide the best stay for holidays. Holiday home at Puri is the destination where you can put your faith without a moment thought. In this article we are going to understand how Holiday home at Puri is the best choice for visitors and pilgrims from all over world.

Puri is well renowned for famous temple of Lord Jagannath (Meaning is Lord of the Universe). As per vedic scriptures, Lord Jagannath is another form of Lord Vishnu or his incarnation Lord Krishna. Lord Jagannath is always worshipped along with his brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra on jeweled platform known as Ratnavedi. The temple has become famous because of Rath Yatra or Chariot festival which is conducted every year at grand scale. Because of presence of beautiful sights, Puri has become a major tourist destination. Apart from the Lord Jagannath temple, Puri sea beach is another popular attraction. Holiday home at Puri is among the best hotels catering the needs of tourists and pilgrims visiting Puri.

Holiday home at Puri outshines all other hotels in Puri as it offers numerous amenities to facilitate the stay of visitors in Purity. Attached bathroom and kitchen are provided by Holiday home at Puri. Geyser facility is provided so that you can have warm water bath whenever you want. All required utensils ranging from pressure cooker, frying pan to shopping bags are also made readily available. If you get bored by the food of restaurant, you have a wonderful option of cooking food of your own choice. It's proximity to sea beach wins the hearts of visitors staying here. As Holiday home at Puri is located close to Lord Jagannath temple, it becomes an added advantage to pilgrims.

Holiday home at Puri ensures good health for visitors staying here by arranging for good Doctors merely on a phone call. You will never miss your favorite show as color televisions are present in every room. Holiday home at Puri consists of rooms fully equipped with generator facility thus providing 24x7 power supply without any interruption. Vinyl/linoleum flooring is provided in all the rooms giving a gorgeous look. Rooms with marble, tiles and mosaic flooring are also available. Arrangement for Sight Seeing is also provided by Holiday home at Puri by help of 9 seater/4 seater vehicles which is made available on request by the Hotel.

Holiday home at Puri is much better than any other budget hotel in Puri as it provides all the world class facilities just at nominal price. Even a common man can afford do stay here and avail the facilities without thinking about the budget. Tariff for each room for Indians varies from Rs 450/- per day to Rs.750/- per day depending upon type of rooms which is very low as compared to the competitor hotels. There is a Caution Money of Rs.200/- per room which is refundable. Facility for distant booking is also available for those visitors who cannot come physically for booking.

So friends, come and spend some time in Holiday home at Puri. You will cherish your stay here throughout your life.